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Happy guessing.

By December 12, 2016January 1st, 2017Austria

Guess what! While our flat is getting more and more empty, I recently stumbled across “some” coins I was obviously collecting for almost four years throughout the entire flat in some dusty mugs. So instead of immediately running to the next bank to let them count, I decided to make a little “guessing game” about the whole thing. The winner will not only enter our hall of fame, but will also get a little present before we head into our big adventure next year. Yey!

…but before you start guessing, here are some further hints:

  • The range of coins goes randomly from 1 Cents to 2 Euros.
  • Putting all coins on a scale results in 14,2 kg.
  • The same amount put in a measuring glass results in 3 liter of pure coins.
  • Measured with beer, this is equal to three big mugs.

So as soon as I found the right way of transportation, I will let you know about the final answer and proper amount of counted coins!

Till then…happy guessing 🙂

Cheers, Philipp

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  • Mat says:

    Wohoo – so my guess would be 43,21€ (and yes – I carfeully calculated that)

  • The final results are btw. already available on facebook:

    Here is a short summary:

    #### Final Result: 926,12€ ####

    Amount of guessings: 55
    Highest guessing: 1576€ (Helmut-Michael Kemmer)
    Lowest guessing: 43,21€ (Mathias Joschika)

    Best guessing and winner: 834,30€ (Nadine Schachinger)

    Top 10:

    01 Nadine Schachinger: 834,3€ (91,82€)
    02 Nadine Striednig: 824,53€ (101,59€)
    03 Peter Gasser: 822,01€ (Offset: 104,11€)
    04 Za Be: 785,4€ (Offset: 140,72€)
    05 David Johansson: 783€ (Offset: 143,12€)
    06 Denni Baseli: 1077,32€ (Offset: 151,20€)
    07 Andreas: 764,67€ (Offset: 161,45€)
    08 Äxl Steel: 728,52€ (Offset: 197,60€)
    09 Barbara Sriednig: 723,25€ (Offset: 202,87€)
    10 Armin Krieg: 712€ (Offset: 214,12€)

    Everyone within the top 10 gets at least a postcard from our trip around the world.

    For Nadine (our overall winner), we also have a special christmas gift we will send to her within the next week.

    Thx for everyone who participated 🙂


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