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"A journey to help, learn and share our experiences around the world."



"Because no one has ever
become poor by giving."



"Everything in life teaches you a lesson,
you just have to be willing to learn."



"The best way to multiply your happiness,
is by sharing it with others."

About Us

Let’s make a long story short.

In 2017 we are going to travel around the globe trading our professions for life’s basic needs. No currency, no contracts, only us, our luggage and the eager to help, learn and share our skills and experiences around the globe. The idea itself is way beyond new but should basically reintroduce the bartering system (giving and taking) into our daily lives on a global stage.

Living in a world that has become more and more digital, with most of our experiences virtual, a lot of people forget that life is simple and we ourselves usually create the circumstances that complicate it. While nowadays everything seems just a click away, with “Our.World.Experience” we would love to show that life can be so much more. Based on the principles of “help, learn & share” we are going to spend an entire year either helping with our capabilities, learning from each other or simply sharing our experiences along the way. Otherwise we will never know our full potential that inevitably takes us to the wildest places on earth.

In exchange for our services all we are asking from each of our companions is a roof to sleep under, food to keep the stomach happy and a lot of big smiles with a great experience on all sides. Shelter, food and experience traded for our skills and the work you need to get done – it’s that simple. 

PHILIPP BENEDIKT (Photographer & Filmmaker)

Being a passionate photographer & filmmaker with international experience, I started my creative development during my bachelor studies in the field of Multimedia Technologies & Design. Seeking for more, I later strengthened my already gained knowledge during my final master studies in MultiMediaArts with a focus on cinematography and professional camera work. Since I started my work behind the camera, I see the world and it’s beauty in a whole new way and realized that it’s not only about pressing a button, but also a creative way of telling a story and expressing yourself. It didn’t only open my eyes for new things, but also helped me to meet and share moments with amazing people from all over the world. Moments that I am not only happy to capture in its importance, but hopefully will be remembered through my images forever. Since then, I try to be as creative as possible towards everything I endeavor.

One favorite experience: “Having a sunrise photo shooting in the desert of Dubai.”


As far as I can remember I always wanted to work with people together. Constantly following this goal and being a professional social worker today, I hold the view that life and everyone you meet are the ones you could learn the most from. Keeping that in mind I not only gained knowledge in the social field during my studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg but also made various experiences that positively influenced and shaped me as a person during my internships abroad. Experiences like visiting Masai families in the nowhere of Tanzania, working in a home for older people in Sweden or taking care of children during a summer camp in Italy. Beyond that, my previous work for the basic social services for refugees at the federal state government showed me every day how precious and at the same time fragile a human life can be. Therefore, as a social worker with conviction, I believe that life is a gift and should never be taken for granted.

One favorite experience: “Having a typical dinner during Ramadan in Tanzania.”

“We trade our skills for food and a place to sleep around the world. No currency or contracts, only us and a great experience!”


Helping others shouldn’t only take place during a time of need. As no one has ever become poor by giving, it’s much more about the mutual exchange of expertise and knowledge. By supporting and helping others to achieve their dreams, we believe that you will also achieve yours.


Whatever journey you choose, everything in life will teach you a lesson. It could either be a work experience you make or a person that enriches your life. Everyone you meet along the way will know something you don’t. You just have to be willing to learn from each other.


We are convinced that the best way to multiply a experience is by sharing it with others. It doesn’t matter how much you own, it’s only worth as much you can share it with someone. Therefor our project is less about collecting moments, rather than our capability to share them.

Sixteen Destinations

EUROPE | Austria

Our journey will start on the 27th January 2017 in Salzburg (Austria) with a proposed home coming on the 22th December 2017.

UAE (Philipp)

Date: 01.02. – 10.02.2017 Location: Dubai

TANZANIA (Melanie)

Date: 27.01. – 11.02.2017 Location: Dar es Salaam


Date: 11.02. – 10.03.2017 Locations: Cape Town | … | Johannesburg


Date: 11.03. – 05.04.2017 Locations: Mumbai | … | New Delhi


Date: 05.04. – 26.04.2017 Location: Kathmandu


Date: 27.04. – 07.06.2017 Locations: Hong Kong | … | Beijing


Date: 07.06. – 22.06.2017 Location: Manila


Date: 23.06. – 26.07.2017 Locations: Melbourne | … | Sydney


Date: 26.07. – 30.08.2017 Locations: Christchurch | … | Auckland


Date: 30.08. – 08.09.2017 Location: Fiji


Date: 08.09. – 29.09.2017 Locations: Honolulu | … | Maui


Date: 29.09. – 27.10.2017 Locations: San Francisco | … | San Diego


Date: 27.10. – 22.11.2017 Location: New York City


Date: 22.11. – 15.12.2017 Location: Vancouver


Date: 17.12. – 22.12.2017 Location: Reykjavík

About Us

Like What You See? We’re Just Getting Started…

While working together with Philipp he was really unbiased and very open minded about the whole photo assignment for Vodafone Amsterdam.

Annelies Valk (Marketing PR Manager)Vodafone | Netherlands

During our internship at the “Family Strengthening Program” of the SOS-Children’s Village in Arusha I experienced Melanie as a highly motivated, adaptable and responsible co-worker who works independent as well as in a team. Through the experiences that she already gathered during her studies and former internships, she definitely has a huge knowledge in terms of social work.

Anna-Maria Moser (Social Worker)Arusha | Tanzania

Dayum! These are pretty nice images mate. Come back soon Philipp!

Mike Mandl (Creative Director)FLAVOR3D | Germany

We are very glad that Melanie has been with us. She has a great personality and I can really recommend her for similar duties in the future. Good luck!

Lackarebäcks Äldreboende (Old People’s Home)Gothenburg | Sweden

Thank you very much for the lovely photos Philipp! I am super stoked. Your photos have a expressive power with everyone put in the right light.

Carla Bernroider (Marketing)Caritas | Austria

While Melanie worked with us she very fast gained important insights about our clients. She was open-minded and showed a professional and empathetic working style. Melanie managed every task exactly and behaved very responsibly - she was an enrichment for the whole team! We wish Melanie all the best and a lot of energy for her future professional field.

Gruft - Care Center for Homeless People (CARITAS)Vienna | Austria

Philipp, thank you for helping us out so quickly with the recent photo shooting. Everyone was super happy about the outcome and they are already looking forward to work with you again.

Isabella Noichl (Photography Content Coordinator)Red Bull Media House | Austria

Contact Us

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It doesn’t matter if you would love to get in touch with us concerning a personal project, a business inquiry or just to say hello – the more information you can provide us, the easier we can respond to your needs. So even if you would just love to hang out, go for a coffee or want to tell us your newest joke – don’t hesitate and contact us in any matters.

Sounds awesome! How to reach you?

To ensure that we are the right ones for your inquiry and may not already be busy or on the other side of the world, the fastest and easiest way is to drop us a short line about your wishes and concerns. Afterwards we will set everything up, get in touch with you and if possible arrange a personal meeting. Are you ready for the next step?

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