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By July 16, 2017Australia

Believe it or not, but Melanie and I just realized that we already reached half of our journey last Friday (14th July). Thinking back, it’s still unreal to us what we already experienced within the last 163 days. Where on one side time flies in a crazy speed, on the other side it still feels like we would have already been on the road forever. Too many things happen on a daily base to simply summarize them in one short blog post, so we would rather let some quick facts speak for us:

08 Countries
03 Diseases
17 Flights
03 Car Accidents
07  Transportations
01 Helicopter Flight
08 Kilos Lost and Gained Again
01 Stolen Bag
02 Small Nervous Breakdowns
08 Collaborations
01 Lost Ukulele
48 Different Beds
02 Almost Broken Camera Lenses
03 New Tattoos
35082 Kilometers Travelled

From countless new friendships, tons of up’s and down’s, to lots of collected moments we will never forget – we are already looking forward to what might come next and can’t wait for the second half of new adventures with lovely people from all over the world!

Best greetings from P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney,
Philipp & Melanie

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  • Georg says:

    Hi Philipp & Melanie,

    great to hear that you both enjoy your trip! I really love your pictures of Australia – they awaken great memories of our honeymoon trip to Australia 2 years ago 😉

    @Philipp: it would be very interesting to me if you’re satisfied with your DJI Mavic? could you please make a short review / article about it? do you use it very often? what about the footage quality? did you already get problems with neighbours or police 😉 ?

    looking forward to hearing from you!
    enjoy your next destinations and take care,


    • Hi Georg 🙂

      I am glad that our photos of Australia woke up some good memories of your honeymoon. It’s an incredible country and we are definitely not finished with it yet. There is still too much to explore and too many unseen places we unfortunately had no time to visit yet.

      Regarding the DJI Mavic, I definitely plan to write a short review once I find a free minute for it. But to make a long story short: Even if there are some things that definitely need to be improved (maybe for the Mavic 2 in case it is planned), I really love it and couldn’t be any happier with any other travel drone on the market at the moment (even if I had no chance to test the DJI Spark yet).

      It is super easy to carry around (even as carry on luggage) as the size and the weight are 100% perfect for the quality you get. Flying itself also couldn’t be any easier. Once you did some open field practice and know how the controller reacts to its movement, it’s a super powerful tool. The only real issues I am sometimes still struggling with are the following:

      – PROPELLER SHADOWS: In some light scenarios (low sun light from the sides for example) there is definitely an issue with weird propeller shadows. It already killed some otherwise amazing shots of mine as I wasn’t aware of it in the beginning and unfortunately checked the footage too late.

      Here is what it looks like:

      The good thing, there are already tutorials online about how to AFTERWARDS (Flickr removal tools) remove it. Or even better, how to avoid it (like using a different camera angle, a ND filter or simply a camera hood to block the sunlight coming from the sights).

      – NO FLIGHT ZONES: While it is definitely good for safety reasons, NO FLIGHT ZONES are growing super fast. So with the recent software updates, flying with your drone also got more and more limited. So better check first if it is still interesting for you keeping that in mind.

      – HORIZON TILT: Can be annoying, but also easy to fix:

      Beside those small things, I really love the overall quality you get for such a small drone/camera/sensor. Of course it is not really comparable with drones such as the Inspire One, but if you want a small drone with travel size and still amazingly good quality, I would definitely go for it (just watch some “How to best setup your Mavic Youtube tutorials” first) and I am pretty sure you won’t regret it!

      If you got more specific questions, don’t dare to reach out 🙂

      Best greetings from New Zealand,

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